KC Concepcion: A Star Shining as Bright as Diamonds  

After almost two hours of patiently sitting through hair and make-up, KC Concepcion emerged from the dressing room in a black and white gown by designer Jojie Lloren, so stunning, that by-standers couldnft help but gasp. The transformation from fresh-faced ingenue to sophisticated glamour girl was indeed breathtaking.

Without fanfare, KC went straight to work, seamlessly posing for shot after shot for photographer Mark Nicdao, whom she requested for specifically. Looking at the shots from the first few takes, itfs no wonder. Against a backdrop of glittering Swarovski crystals and Lalique glass, and draped in almost 3 million pesos worth of Keleo jewelry, KC looked absolutely ethereal. With Markfs fantastic ability to capture images, the results were amazing.

Anyone who has seen her up close knows that even without make-up, she is fresh faced and pretty. KC shared her beauty secrets with us in between takes. gWhen I was in Paris, I liked using heavy moisturizers because it was cold and the weather would make my skin so dry. But here everything I use is oil-free because of the humidityh. KC admits to using the pricey La Mer line because it works for her. Her routine is simple, twice a day she uses the wash, the toner, and the eye creamh. She says, gThatfs one thing I learned from the French, to always use eye cream, because thatfs where the fine lines first begin to show.h

When quizzed about what beauty supplies she had in her bag, she showed us how she keeps things simple. Baby wipes, lip balm, and eye make-up remover are all she carries around. With the genes she inherited from her movie star parents, she doesnft have to do much in terms of make-up, she tells us that concealer and lip balm is usually what she puts on before going out. Japanese brand Naturactor for concealer, and YSL, lip exfoliant to be exact. When she does need to have some color, she uses Fuller life cosmetics, which she endorses.

Being a lacto-ova-pesco vegetarian, KC doesnft eat meat. She also finds time to take dance classes to keep in shape. While in Paris, she used to take Agni Yoga, a form of yoga that focuses on stretching and developing flexibility to strengthen the muscles. She makes it a point to get her nails done regularly and she steams her face once a week; other than that her routine is really no-fuss.

KCfs sense of style is more artsy than high fashion. She likes mixing old and new things and likes contrasting, letfs say, a classic time piece, with a grungy outfit. She admits that when she was younger she liked a lot of prints and colors, but nowadays she finds that she tends to tone it down to 3 colors.

Being born into what is essentially showbiz royalty, meant being born into a life of luxury. But KC does not manifest any of the spoiled brat entitlement that plagues many wealthy children. She has kept a good head on her shoulders smartly avoiding the pitfalls that come with being born with everything. In fact, she works very hard to be independent as evidenced by the many endorsements she currently has.

She doesnft live a fast life and prefers hanging out in low key places like Marikina shoe expo and nice little restaurants. She loves going to the beach and places like Sonyafs Garden in Tagaytay. gOh I love their honey mint body wash!h she exclaims.

Having lived for four years in Paris, KC is ready to stay home in Manila for the moment. She wants to work for awhile, not just here, but hopefully around Asia as well. She is emphatic about wanting to see the world and is open to maybe eventually living somewhere else, like New York.

After almost 8 hours, and several changes into gowns by Jojie Lloren, Dennis Lustico, Antonio Jan Garcia, and Fanny Serrano respectively, the shoot was finally over. The whole time KC trooped on professionally, sipping iced tea in between takes, and laughing with the crew, never showing even a hint of diva behavior. She even gamely posed for pictures for adoring fans who managed to catch her attention. She never complained and she was gracious to everyone on the set, working tirelessly with the same amount of enthusiasm from beginning to end. Rarely do we find people who grow up blessed with beauty, brains, and privilege, and who remain as down to earth as KC Concepcion.

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