Marian Rivera : Ethereal Beauty  


Just over two years in show business and Marian Rivera has conquered television, done her share of movies and a slew of endorsement contracts that has her face on just about every billboard on EDSA and C5. What makes this Spanish mestiza beauty so in demand are her dark tresses that bring out her classic features which, says make-up artist Bambbi Fuentes, can morph into just about any look.

gShefs a chameleon. Change the color of her eye shadow, and her face immediately changes. Shefs a make-up artistfs dream,h says Bambi who met Marian when she was just starting out in show business. One look at Marian and Bambi immediately knew she was the face for his salon.
The two share light and comfortable banter having done many photo shoots together. Bambbi starts with a cream foundation followed by loose powder then eye color in different shades of silver, which forms the main color palette of this cover shoot. He finishes the eyes with dark grey liner on the top of the lid. Her cheeks and lips convey only the faintest hint of pink to give her that ethereal glowing look of a happy bride.

The hair and make-up preparations for this photo shoot are short and painless, thanks to Marianfs flawless skin. Despite the sun and late nights taping for her Dyesebel series, Marian has kept her skin healthy and glowing. She attributes this to a simple regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing with the Maxi Peel line of skincare which she does diligently. Her busy lifestyle doesnft allow her many rituals and Marian wants to keep things as simple as possible.

Her hair, kept in its natural jet black color, stays healthy with a regular shampoo and conditioner routine with nothing less than Sunsilk. Her face is make-up free except for a light touch of powder on days when she is off camera. But, like any other girl, she indulges in the occasional shopping trip for shoes and bags to relax and unwind.
gBut I donft shop a lot. And, when I do like a style?of a pair of shoes, for example?I buy it in different colors, then thatfs it for me,h she says.
Most of her free time is spent recharging for next dayfs shoot either in her condo unit or in Cavite where she keeps strong ties with her family. Her priority is her career and she enjoys her work immensely despite long work days.

Perhaps this is Marianfs secret to her meteoric rise: staying true to her priorities, simple indulgences and keeping herself grounded with strong family ties.

As the shoot starts, she dresses in Eric De Los Santosfs sophisticated bridal creations as the ethereal bride that has descended from the heavens. She floats across the studio in couture gowns richly textured with embroidered and studded appliques, silver satin ribbons clinging on tulle, embellished with rhinestones.
Musing on the future, she pines for a simple wedding ceremony. What is important, she says, is that her groom loves her. Does she want a huge wedding of a thousand? No, she answers, only her good friends that will wish her well.

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