Hair Asia’s majestic doors, crowned by an arc of terracotta carved with leaves of gold and deities in procession, foretell the enriching experience that awaits all those who walk through them. An obra maestra in itself, the aged teak doors were flown in all the way from Bali , Indonesia .
Within its doors is a plush refuge of high ceilings and floors of flawless teak and marbles in immaculate white. Its walls are lined with Thai silk in imperial violet and passionate burgundy. The scent of sensual jasmine lingers in the air and soothing sounds emanate from water running down walls and through man-made streams coursing through the salon’s Nail Spa and Shampoo Room.

At Hair Asia, it’s not just about adding shampoo to wet hair.

Hair Asia ’s commitment to giving its clients the ultimate salon experience is reflected in the attention given to the smallest details. The expanse of the ceiling over the Shampoo Room, for instance, is painted in soothing shades of aqua blue to calm and relax the guest while being shampooed.

Every client is given individualized treatment by a team of highly skilled and extensively trained professionals trained at its very own world-class training center – the Hair Asia Academy. What sets the Hair Asia Salon apart however is this unique and pioneering offer – Once every quarter, Hair Asia flies in one internationally renowned hairstylist to give you the chance to get the haircut of a lifetime! Patrick Cameron of Britain, Luis Llongueras of Spain, Jean Vallon of France, Bennie Tognini of Australia, and many more. Announcements will be posted at the website in advance, and because the Expert will only be staying for a very limited time, appointment reservations should be made in advance.

At the Hair Asia Day Spa, only robes of original Balinese batik, massage tables of unblemished teak and Balinese therapists are allowed to touch your skin as your body and soul are nurtured, calmed, detoxified and rejuvenated all the same time.

The Spa offers highly sensual treatments and the most exotic healing methods stemming from the ancient wisdom and cultures of Indonesia , Thailand , China and India . Individualized combinations of different therapies and treatments are also developed for the specific needs of every client.

Among the treatments that are solely offered by Hair Asia are:

Thai Herbal Wrap
Mineral-rich mud that can only be found in the jungle-covered mountains of Northern Thailand is massaged on to the body. A plastic sheet is then used to wrap the body to allow the minerals to soak through the skin. The herbal wrap pampers, nourishes and moisturizes the skin and it is believed that toxins and other impurities are removed as the body perspires. << back to top >>


Chinese Foot Reflexology
An art derived from Mainland China , the feet are soaked in oak barrels filled with exotic mixes of ginger and other spices. << back to top >>

Wedding Package
Hair Asia ’s exclusive wedding package offers treatment fit for royalty at nowhere less than hair Asia ’s VIP facility - the Royal Silk Room. This royal chamber of white marbles contrasted by the gleam of polished teak and splendid gold, offers the ultimate in luxury and pleasure. Flowing Thai silk adorns its ceilings and flowers float along man-made streams coursing along its walls of carved stone. << back to top >>


For six days, the bride-to-be will be pampered with floral and milk baths, private showers, saunas and Jacuzzis and attended to by her very own lady-in-waiting!

As part of the purification ceremony, the bride will be given fresh fruits and herbal drinks throughout the treatment. She may choose from a variety of cleansing teas from Hair Asia’s spa menu. This includes the Jamu, considered an ancient Javanese elixir of life that cures illnesses, prevents diseases, relieves aches and pains, and corrects physiological malfunctions. The bride may also opt for the Rose or Rose Green Teas, which are believed to promote youthfulness and prevent premature ageing, and the Lavender or Chamomile Teas, which relax both the mind and body, relieving tension, stress, fatigue and depression.

Finally, the wedding package is completed with Hair Asia’s services for the couple’s hairdressing and makeup needs for the special day!

Look good, feel good - inside and out.